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To enjoy your stay at the best price in the heart of the Ardèche Verte, book your stopover directly on the Camping Les Sables website. To find out more about the terms of reservation, the conditions and the availability of our accommodation, we invite you to contact us by email, telephone or via the contact form. Our campsite is open from the beginning of April to the end of September, each year.

Daily camping rate from 04/07 to 28/08 April, May, June, Septembe
PACKAGE: 1 pitch - 2 people and 1 vehicle 21.5€/night 14.5€/night
Child - 1 year free free
Children from 1 to 6 years 4€/nignt 3€/nignt
From 7 years old 5€/nignt 4€/nignt
Pet - On a leash 3€/nignt 2€/nignt
Electricity 6 amps 4€/nignt 4€/nignt
Additional car 2.5€/nignt
Reservation fee 5.5€/nignt
Tourist tax (for those over 18) 0.22€/night
Barbecue rental 7€/nignt
Fridge rental 4€/nignt
Rental rates from 09/04 to 28/04 and from 29/08 to 25/09 from 29/04 to 24/05 from 25/05 to 29/07 and from 20/08 to 28/08 30/07 to 19/08
Shed for 3 persons without sanitary facilities 158€/week / 32€/night 189€/week / 35€/night 252€/week / 42€/night 315€/week / 52€/night
Shed 4/5 persons without sanitary facilities 210€/week / 42€/night 258€/week / 47€/night 321€/week / 54€/night 373€/week / 62€/night
Shed 4/5 persons shower 223€/week / 46€/night 273€/week / 50€/night 352€/week / 59€/night 391€/week / 66€/night
Shed 6 persons without sanitary facilities 315€/week / 63€/night 384€/week / 69€/night 436€/week / 73€/night 525€/week / 87€/night
Shed 8 persons without sanitary facilities 420€/week / 84€/night 510€/week / 93€/night 588€/week / 98€/night 630€/week / 104€/night
Mobile home 4 persons 289€/week / 58€/night 342€/week / 62€/night 436€/week / 73€/night 620€/week / 95€/night
Mobile home 5 persons 342€/week / 69€/night 394€/week / 72€/night 473€/week / 79€/night 683€/week / 100€/night
Mobile home 6 persons 378€/week / 76€/night 452€/week / 82€/night 531€/week / 89€/night 767€/week / 116€/night
Booking fees 5.5€/nignt 5.5€/nignt
Visitor's tax (for people over 18 years old) 0.22€/night
Pet - On a leash 4€/nignt
Additional car 2.5€/nignt
Barbecue rental 7€/nignt
Disposable sheets for 1 person 10€/nignt
Sheets 2 persons disposabl 12€/nignt
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Good to know

  • Arrival on site: from 3 p.m.
  • Departure from the pitch: before 12 p.m.
  • 6 people maximum per pitch
  • Arrival in the rentals: from 3 p.m.
  • Departure of rentals: before 10 a.m.
  • Cleaning option: 40 €
  • Deposit for mobile homes: €200
  • Deposit for the sheds: 100 €
  • Minimum stay in July and August in mobile homes: one week from Saturday to Saturday
  • Minimum stay in July and August in the cabins: five days
  • Free Wi-Fi at the bar: for ecological reasons, the Wi-Fi connection is only available at the campsite bar